Ummanlar Building Stainless Steel Railing and Folding Glass in 2003
The business life started with the balcony in the following years
Aluminum Railing, Shower Cabin and Laminate Flooring has also added.

In line with the special demands and needs of its customers, Our project department is in the Ummanlar Construction sector one step forward. Standard production projects required after all design and technical calculations for approval. Following the approval of the customer, the project in question It is manufactured with high quality and precision workmanship.

Ummanlar Building; 15 years since its establishment professional experience, knowledge and applications in the sector with the strong performance of the sector sought, trusted has been the leading company.

Uses advanced equipment, tools and techniques in measurement, production and assembly Ummanlar Building, with its experienced and professional team, minimizes possible errors downloading, measuring the satisfaction of customers after the assembly, and then the incoming service requests are met as quickly as possible.
Continuous meetings with the experienced team, if any deficiencies are eliminated, work ways of doing better are being investigated. Ummanlar Construction’s biggest new The customer supply is the advice of old customers. This is also the product of Ummanlar Building and the greatest proof of service quality.

  • Glass balcony
  • Railing
  • Parquet


Ummanlar Yapı – Glass offers the highest level of glassboard insulation available in balcony systems


As Ummanlar Construction company, we produce solutions for stair handrails and stainless steel special products for your modern buildings.


As Omanlar Construction company, we produce solutions for your homes and workplaces with Modern Laminate Flooring options.


We have been in the industry for over  years.

Piece of Happy Customer

Our Company


Ummanlar Building; always with dynamic, experienced technical staff
keeping customer satisfaction in the forefront signed an important project. These projects are timely and perfect is proud of completing.

Believing in the power of production in the development of our country, with this understanding wishing success to all organizations that work, produce and serve.

Why Ummanlar Building

  • Leading Company

    Since the first glass balcony systems in Şanlıurfa, we have design expertise that pioneers the development of systems and contributes to the development of other brands.

  • Original Design

    All of our systems are our own unique and proprietary designs. Likewise, we can easily develop designs that fit your needs. Please click here for our Design Belegates.

  • Seamless Operating Systems

    We produce systems with at least customer complaints. All guaranteed systems

  • Material Quality

    Combining the strong structure with stylish and minimal design, our profiles are produced based on the highest quality from aluminum raw material to anodized and painting processes.

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